What Causes Burst Pipes?

Preventing Burst Pipes During the Winter

Burst pipes can occur for a variety of reasons in different weather conditions. When pipes burst, the area around the burst pipe quickly floods with water or sewage. Not only do the lines have to be repaired, but often, the cost of repairs for the rest of the damage far exceeds the cost of the plumbing repair. Here are the most common causes of burst pipes and some steps homeowners can take to help prevent it from happening. 

Pipes Freezing

freezingOne of the biggest causes of burst pipes, especially in the winter, is frozen pipes. Water in pipes is held under pressure that the walls of the pipes must contain. As cold temperatures cause water to freeze, this pressure increases to the point that the pipe wall may rupture. While this type of burst pipe can cause major disruption, they are easily preventable. 

The best way to prevent a frozen pipe is by installing pipe insulation. Pipe insulation comes as foam pipe insulation or fiberglass pipe insulation and installs easily, blanketing the line in a thick layer of warmth. Always inspect vulnerable piping and be sure to replace insulation every few years. 

Decay and Corrosion 

corrosionBurst pipes caused by decay or corrosion of piping are just as devastating, but they can often go unnoticed until the water damage is spotted. No amount of insulation can overcome this problem, so it is essential to practice good corrosion prevention to stave off damage from a burst pipe. 

Decay and corrosion are causes of burst pipes, but they also contribute to pipe bursts in freezing conditions. Since water expands within piping as it freezes and puts pressure on the inside of the line, how much worse can it be when the pipe freezes and is compromised by decay and corrosion? To reduce or avoid corrosion in plumbing, always use professional plumbers for pipe repairs, never use chemical drain cleaners and take plumbers’ advice if they recommend water softeners or filters. 


Pipe bursts due to clogs occur when a blocked drain or pipe cannot handle the pressure of the liquid passing through it. If a buildup of debris, such as hair, soap scum, or grease, causes the pipe to become completely blocked and unable to allow any liquids or solids to pass through, then the pressure will increase and eventually lead to a pipe bursting. This not only causes flooding to occur but can also result in costly repairs and damages to the property. 

Homeowners can prevent this by having a routine drain cleaning schedule with a professional plumber. Having the drains cleaned regularly will help keep them free of debris and ensure that the pipes can handle the pressure of liquids and solids passing through. In addition, a professional plumber will be able to identify any potential issues before they become serious problems, making them easier and less expensive to fix. 

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