Frequently Asked Questions

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The short answer is yes. However, furnace fires and explosions rarely happen, especially with of the way we build modern furnaces that boast advanced safety features. Invest in proper system maintenance to keep your unit working optimally all year round and lower the risk of a fire or explosion. You also want to schedule prompt repairs and replacement services to minimize these risks.
The smell of burning plastic coming from your heater could mean that a foreign object has made its way into your system’s heating unit. This could be anything from your kid’s plastic toy to a plastic component from the unit itself. Whenever you notice your heater giving off the smell of burning plastic, please turn off your system and contact our trusted technicians for prompt repairs.
When the air coming out of your AC smells like vinegar you probably have an ozone-emitting electric motor. Other common culprits include:
  • Mold in the ductwork
  • A clogged condensate pan
  • A malfunctioning filter
  • Excess condensation on the coils
The smell of gas from your unit often points to a gas leak that requires immediate attention.
Many property owners deal with water pressure issues at one point or another. The following suggestions may help you address your low water pressure issues before calling a plumber:
  • Look for leaks
  • Clean your aerators
  • Change your showerhead
  • Consider your valves
Usually, if the problem exists in only one area of your home, you can fix it with a bit of investigation. Similarly, a DIY fix should suffice if you’re dealing with a whole-home issue caused by a faulty valve. However, if you’ve tried all options to no avail, you’ll need to call in an expert.
Your water heater may run out of hot water fast for one or more of the following common reasons:
  • A broken dip tube
  • Sediment buildup
  • Multiple appliances using hot water simultaneously
  • You have an old water heater
  • Thermostat issues
If you experience hot water issues, contact Stanley Heating Cooling & Plumbing to diagnose your system and recommend long-lasting solutions.
We recommend checking your filter monthly if you have the 1" disposable filter. If you see dust or dirt, replace it. Higher efficiency pleated filters may last longer, depending on indoor air quality, but should still be checked regularly.
All homes are not the same. Factors such as insulation levels, windows, doors, and other exposures factor into the correct sizing of your equipment. By allowing us to do a complete home inspection we can properly size the system for your home.
30% to 40% is an ideal setting. Over 40% can result in condensation on windows and lead to biological growth that may lead to allergies or respiratory problems.

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