When is the Thermostat on the Verge of a Breakdown?

Signs it’s Time to Replace a Thermostat

An air conditioner without a thermostat can’t work. Without a thermostat, an air conditioner doesn’t know when to turn on or how long to run. Additionally, with no thermostat, how can the owner control the temperature of their home? The thermostat is the brain of the operation when it comes to the AC. The house can become unlivable when it fails, and heating or cooling bills can go through the roof. 

To keep the home comfortable and energy bills in check, homeowners need to know the signs that the thermostat isn’t performing correctly. Here are three common signs that the thermostat needs to be replaced. Recognizing these signs early can keep homeowners from dealing with the hassle of a failing thermostat. 

Higher Energy Bills

billThe obvious sign that a thermostat has failed is that it doesn’t work at all. However, that isn’t how most thermostats fail. Usually, they have problems that start small and are unnoticeable. Slowly the situation will get worse until the signs are more obvious. Catching the problems early can prevent the headache of living in an uncomfortable home with drastically higher energy bills. 

Higher energy bills are often how homeowners first detect problems with their thermostats. Energy bills will quickly increase when the air conditioner runs too long because the thermostat isn’t reading the correct temperature. Conversely, when the thermostat doesn’t run long enough, homeowners are constantly turning the thermostat down to make the home cool. The result is the same in both cases: out-of-control energy bills. If energy bills are unusually high, it may signify that it’s time to replace the thermostat and save money. 

Incorrect Temperature Readings

readingsThe main cause of higher energy bills is incorrect temperature readings on the thermostat. But, discovering inaccurate temperature readings by waiting for high electrical bills isn’t an economical way of figuring out a problem with the thermostat. 

The easiest and cheapest way to discover incorrect temperature readings on the thermostat is to buy an inexpensive thermometer and place it near the thermostat. Cheap digital thermometers and hygrometers are available at nearly any retail store, and they can reveal valuable information about the temperature and humidity fluctuations in the home. If the thermometer and thermostat aren’t reading similar temperatures, that’s a sign to replace the thermostat. 

Short Cycling Air Conditioners 

The third sign of a malfunctioning thermostat is short cycling. Short cycling is when the thermostat tells the air conditioner to run and then tells it to stop shortly after. Not only is the quick starting and stopping incredibly inefficient and will contribute to higher energy bills, but it can also cause damage to the AC by increasing wear and tear if not taken care of quickly. 

This condition is noticeable by the many starts and stops occurring with the air conditioner and will likely have accompanying high humidity levels. Replacing the thermostat is the only way to prevent the high repair bills due to wear and tear that is sure to happen if short cycling is neglected. If any of the above signs are noticed, homeowners should immediately reach out to a local heating and cooling technician. 

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